The End To A Beginning…

“The only trust required is to know that when there is one ending there will be another beginning. ” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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So, let me start with the “end”…I have had a vintage booth, in a local antique mall, for a year and a half.  I had big plans of selling copious amounts of really awesome vintage items, and blogging all about it, while maintaining an Etsy shop.  Part of my dream came true… I had a booth and my Etsy shop is still open for business.

When I first opened my booth, it was selling really well.  It was full of a psychotic mix of  what I wanted to sell and other people’s items that I agreed to sell on consignment.

Before Booth Picture
When I first open my booth

Then it started to look more like I envisioned with my favorites…Mid Century Modern and Kitsch.

diagonal girl vintage booth
My booth after creating my niche

But around the 1 year mark, my sales started to decrease.  I was barely making rent each month.  So, I am thinking the mish mash of styles might be the way to go, what do you think?  After looking around at my “competition” and even visiting other malls to see how other vendors were doing, this is what I was coming across…

What not to do...
My competition

How do booths stay in business like this?  I didn’t even want to step foot in this one, yet it has been in the antique mall for a long time.  I posted this question on Instagram with this photo, and the main advice I received was to get out, and start participating in vintage markets.  A month after this post, and taking a long trip with my dad to contemplate, I turned my exit notice into the mall, and applied for my very first market… The Old House Vintage Market in Colorado.   I do not know the status of my application, but at least I made the leap.  From what I have been told, this is the way to go if you want a successful vintage biz.

Through the whole evolution of my booth biz, what did not happen is this website and blog, which has always been a huge ambition of mine.  There were plans of writing about the booth and all the escapades I went on to find all of that awesome vintage goodness.  I made one post back in June of 2016 in regards to my new booth space, then I never visited my site again until this past spring.  I signed up for an awesome course called Efficient Blogging, that made it easier for me to go step by step through the process.  Plus I can keep referring it to it if I forget something.  But now it is fall and I am just now, finally, posting something.  I have found every excuse in the book to not work on this.  Why?!  So, I decided to delete my first post and start new.  So this is where the ” beginning” comes into play.  Going forward…a new website, vintage markets, and a bigger and better Etsy shop.  Stay tuned.



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